Maryland Child Care Providers Approve Contract

Crystal Barksdale, child care provider and a member of the bargaining team

The votes are in! Subsidized child care providers in Maryland voted overwhelmingly in favor of the contract won by the negotiating team.

An amazing 94% of the votes were in support of this new contract.

This was the second contract for the bargaining unit and it could cover as many as 5,000 or more child care providers in Maryland.

Highlights of the new contract include:

1. Making certain all Providers Receive the Money They Earned from Parents. Parents who owe providers co-pays will be unable to renew their vouchers until they pay providers in full.
2. Ensuring All Providers Are treated with Respect by Licensing Specialists. The union will work to create a dialogue between providers and specialists to increase the cooperation and respect between providers and specialists. The union can assist any provider who wishes to clarify or challenge their licensing report.
3. Increasing Provider Power. The contract requires all registered providers to pay a small fee for the support that the union gives to providers. This will allow the union to represent more providers in disputes with MSDE, provide more free and low cost credentialing trainings, and ensure that providers are able to fight together for more funding for Child Care in MD.
4. Allowing Informal Providers into the Federal Food Program. The state has agreed to seek approval from the federal government to allow informal providers to participate in the federal food program.

Click here to view the complete contract

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