Advocacy by Local 500 Bus Operators Leads to Passage of Landmark Bus Safety Legislation

Every day, the bus operators who work in the Montgomery County Public School system would see drivers recklessly pass them while they were loading and unloading children.

Even though the lights on the bus would be flashing and the red stop sign opened up and flashing, drivers kept ignoring the law and disregarding safety concerns. Many Local 500 members believed that this was happening because too many motorists felt they could get away with breaking the law.

On March 6, the Montgomery County Council unanimously passed legislation to install cameras on school buses to catch scofflaws.

County Councilwoman Valerie Ervin recognized the key role that advocacy bus SEIU Local 500 members played in passing the enabling legislation in Annapolis and the final bill in Montgomery County.

SEIU Local 500 has a history of working with community groups and public officials and this legislation, whose sole purpose to protect the safety of students and children, is only the latest example of that.

Channel 9 news attended a press conference on the legislation and interviewed bus driver and Local 500 vice-president, Bob Herron.

You can watch that video here.

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