Letter from the Georgetown University Organizing Committee

Dear Part-time Faculty Member,

Part-time professors at Georgetown are coming together with the SEIU Local 500 Coalition of Academic Labor to improve the way we are treated at Georgetown. The SEIU Local 500 Coalition of Academic Labor already represents part-time faculty at The George Washington University, American University and Montgomery College. We seek to improve working conditions for part-time faculty here at Georgetown and in the Washington Metropolitan area, while adding our voices to a new movement uniting contingent faculty across the country to address the challenges in higher education today.

Many of us were impressed by the gains made by our counterparts at The George Washington University and Montgomery College. Through unionization, they have achieved better compensation, improved job security, improved processes for assignments, fair and transparent evaluations, access to professional development supports, access to more benefits and a platform to make their voices heard. Adjuncts at American University are currently bargaining their first union contract and hope to build on what has been achieved at GW and Montgomery College.

You can read the highlights of the GW and Montgomery College contracts online.

As college and universities rely more and more on the undervalued work of contingent faculty, it becomes more and more important to organize to address the issues adjuncts face. We urge you to join us in our movement to gain a voice for adjuncts here at Georgetown and across the nation.

Sign a union authorization card today.

Click here to download a union authorization card!

If you have already signed a union authorization card, speak to your colleagues about your support for a part-time faculty union at Georgetown, and ask them to sign a card too.
Pablo Eisenberg, Senior Fellow, Georgetown Public Policy Institute
Barbara Wien, Adjunct, Program on Justice and Peace, Georgetown University
and the Georgetown University Part-time Faculty Organizing Committee

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