Why Does the Board of Education Election Matter?

Dear Members,

I am writing you to urge your support for Rebecca Smondrowski, Phil Kauffman and Chris Barclay for the Board of Education.  Both Phil and Chris have been staunch advocates for the interests of support professions and have more than earned our support for reelection.

Rebecca Smondrowski has been an extraordinary advocate for inclusiveness in our learning community. As a county PTA leader, our union worked closely with her on the school system’s budget planning process. In a year when elected leaders were trying to divide school system employees with the communities we serve, Rebecca worked hard to help develop a budget that kept our schools and our communities united. As a lobbyist in Annapolis, Rebecca was at our side in advocating for maximum funding for our schools.

Perhaps most importantly, Rebecca Smondrowski understands our world and deeply values the contribution that support professionals make to creating a world class learning community. As the parent of a special needs student, her knowledge and her experiences with bus operators, paraeducators and so many others, makes her commitment to us very experience based and personal.

In an era where our contributions to student achievement are often taken for granted and not always recognized, we need an advocate on the Board of Education who will stand up for us. The answer does not rest with yet another retired principal being elected. We need someone with fresh ideas, that are forward thinking. Someone who has intimate knowledge of the work our members do and the difference we make.

Experience comes in many forms, and Rebecca’s is extensive.  Through her work on the Superintendent’s budget advisory work group, her lobbying efforts in Annapolis, as a parent and a community activist, her leadership in the parent community, and her commitment to uniting our learning communities, Rebecca Smondrowski is more than qualified to serve on the Board.

I am asking each and every one of you take the time to talk to voters in your family, amongst your friends and in your community about the importance of this election. It is rare that we get an opportunity to elect someone not only highly qualified to serve, but some one who will give voice to our members and our interests on the Board.  Rebecca Smondrowski is that person.

Every voter in Montgomery County will be able to vote for all three candidates.

I urge you and your friends and family to support Rebecca Smondrowski, Chris Barclay, and Phil Kauffman for the Board of Education on November 6th.


Merle A. Cuttitta, President


Can you help on Election Day? Click here to volunteer to help elect pro-worker candidates on Tuesday, November 6.

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