Georgetown University Adjuncts Filed to Form Their Union on March 23

On Friday, we filed our petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to form a union for adjuncts at Georgetown University. This only happened because hundreds of adjuncts agree that the exponential growth of adjunct faculty in higher education demands that we change the way higher education views us and determines our worth.

The journey is just beginning. Shortly, the NLRB will decide on a date to hold a secret ballot election, most likely through the mail, when we will have the opportunity to cast our vote for a Georgetown University Adjunct Union.

Georgetown University prides itself on its Jesuit values of civic engagement, service and religious and cultural pluralism. The administration has already lived up to these values by remaining neutral in the union election process.

We are excited about building a strong voice for adjunct faculty at Georgetown and hope you will join us.

Contact Sarah Glick at for ways to get involved.


Georgetown University Organizing Committee

J.R. Osborn, Communication, Culture & Technology
Barbara Wien, Program on Justice and Peace
Kurt Brandhorst, Philosophy Department
Camille Gaskin-Reyes, Latin American Studies
Ori Z. Soltes, Theology Department
Pablo Eisenberg, Georgetown Public Policy Institute



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