Local 500 Members at MCPS Approve One Year Agreement

SEIU Local 500 Supporting Services Professionals at MCPS voted 1155 to 42 to ratify a one year agreement with the school system.

Settlement Highlights


1 Year Agreement

July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014


Contract Re-Opener Settlement Highlights


Local 500 and MCPS continue the process of catching up from the freeze of prior years.  With that goal in mind, the provisions of the proposed settlement include:


1.       Salary schedules in effect for FY 2013 shall remain in effect for FY 2014.

2.       Step and Longevity Increases.  The granting of step and longevity increases for FY 2014 will be as follows:

a.       Anniversary date provisions – concerning longevity increases – in Article 7. B. 2 will continue in effect. (The 22 year longevity step is not yet implemented.)

b.      All employees hired prior to February 1, 2013, who are not at the top step of their range, and not red circled, will move one step from their current step on the schedule effective February 8, 2014.

c.       All employees who reach a longevity level for the first time in FY 2014 shall receive the increase on February 8, 2014.

3.       Salary Adjustment — Unit members hired before February 1, 2013, who are not receiving a step increase or longevity increase in FY 2014 shall have their base pay increased by two percent (2%), effective February 8, 2014.  Unit members, who will reach a longevity level in FY 2014 after February 8, 2014, shall have their base pay increased by two percent (2%) effective February 8, 2014 and will receive the difference between that adjustment and the appropriate longevity rate on the date they become eligible.

4.       The parties agree to undertake negotiations on all economic provisions for FY 15—17, including the implementation of normal step increases for FY 15 immediately upon final approval of this agreement.

5.    All other terms and conditions of the current collective bargaining agreement – including health plan premium formulas – shall remain in full force and effect through June 30, 2014, subject to negotiation for FY 15 and beyond.

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