Montgomery College Adjuncts Speak Up About the Importance of their Union

Everyone involved with Local 500 is entirely dedicated to its mission and it is a pleasure to be part of a group that really cares about, listens to and strives to acquire the resources part-time faculty need in order to do what we love – teach!

– Layla Hashemi, Montgomery College



I have worked as an adjunct professor, teaching English at colleges and universities for nearly thirty years, first in Ohio and now in Maryland. Adjuncts have always been paid a fraction of what full time professors make, never been given benefits and usually have little to no office space. It is my belief that as professionals on whom universities and colleges rely, we deserve better. I joined SEIU to work for these benefits for me and others like me. Since joining the union, I have seen some pay increases and other benefits. We expect to see more and larger benefits in the near future.

– Beverly Ricks, Montgomery College


Beverly & Layla

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