Final Countdown to Senate Immigration Vote

Reform is on the horizon, with the Senate now positioned to vote on the immigration reform bill [S. 744] by the end of this week.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly, 67 – 27, to approve an amendmentthat was seen as a crucial test vote for final passage of the bipartisan bill for immigration reform.

The reform bill, after months of debate and an intense past week of negotiations, now stands with strong bipartisan support. The bill increases border security funding, while still allowing aspiring Americans currently in the country to adjust their status without extensive barriers towards citizenship.

Make your voice heard in the Senate. Call your Senator and ask for reform with a pathway to citizenship.

Eliseo Medina, SEIU Secretary- Treasurer stated, “Most importantly, the roadmap to citizenship is priceless and an absolute necessity to a smart and sensible immigration bill.”

Strong bipartisan support in the Senate for final passage is important as the bill moves in to its next phase of the process – the House of Representatives. Unlike the majority of Republicans in America, many Republicans in the House, continue to ignore the call for commonsense immigration reform and instead create destructive bills in its place.

Recent actions by Representatives Gowdy and Goodlatte are strong examples of this type of activity designed to hold back reform . Gowdy’s misleadingly named “SAFE Act” simply repeats past attempted and failed legislation that would criminalize millions of aspiring citizens, offer a second-class status to hardworking residents and institute racial profiling in our country.

Rep. Goodlatte’s “Guestworker” bill would simultaneously allow employers to exploit foreign workers from poor countries and drive down wages for American workers.

Just as Senators were able to reach a bipartisan package of reforms, the House must also produce legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship without unreasonable hurdles. Citizenship is the consensus issue when it comes to immigration reform, and the centerpiece of reform we need to see from both the House and Senate.

As the House continues to discuss and tackle several issues of concern, we urge them to continue working with their colleagues and leadership on supporting legislation that includes a roadmap to citizenship without burdensome or infeasible barriers.

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