Candidates for George Washington University Union Elections

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Candidates for President

Kip Lornell
Since 1992 Kip Lornell has been teaching in the Music Department  at GW and started the drive to unionize the faculty in 1999.  Over the past 15 years has served on the organizing committee and all four teams that have bargained our contracts.  He also serves as Vice-President for Higher Education for SEIU Local 500.


Candidates for Vice-President

Jill Niebrugge Brantley
Jill Niebrugge Brantley has taught in the Sociology and Women’s Studies departments at The George Washington University on occasion since the 1980s.  During the occasions she was not at GW, the has been a visiting professor or adjunct at a variety of schools, including The University of Iowa, Gettysburg College, Wells College, and American University.  She has been active in the union since 2012, currently serving on the Labor and Management Relations Committee and the Collective Bargaining Committee.


Candidates for Representative – Business

Joann Martens Weiner
Joann Martens Weiner has taught in the Economics Department at The George Washington University since Fall 2006. She’s currently teaching Intermediate Microeconomics and Tax Policy and has previously taught courses in Macroeconomics, Welfare Economics, and a seminar on the Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis. In addition, she contributes to the She The People blog at The Washington Post and is vice president of the board for Community Tax Aid, where she has been a board member since 2008. Dr. Weiner earned her Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley.  Her book Company Tax Reform in the European Union was published in 2006.


Candidates for Representative – Law

Bob Weinberg
Bob Weinberg is an Adjunct Professor teaching Criminal Procedure at GWU Law School. He also teaches as a Visiting Lecturer at U.VA. Law School. He is a retired founding partner of the Washington DC law firm of Williams and Connolly, and a past president of the District of Columbia Bar. Bob serves on the DC area Cope Committee of Local 500, and is a past chair of the Arlington Democratic Committee and the Tenth District Democratic Committee of Virginia. Bob was twice the Democratic Party nominee for Congress from the Tenth District, running against incumbent Frank Wolf. Bob also served two terms as president of the Arlington County Civic Federation.


Candidates for Representative – Elliott School of International Affairs

Camille Gaskin-Reyes
Since 2008 I have been an adjunct at the Elliott School, in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies and International Development Studies. Adjuncts at the Elliott School bring crucial experiences and expertise to their teaching by virtue of their policy and other backgrounds and valuable years of practice. I am running because I would like to help represent adjuncts’ collective interests, contribute to further improvements for adjuncts at GWU and our participation within the academic community at GWU, including greater recognition for our contribution to the highest academic and quality teaching standards for students.


Candidates for Representative – Columbia College of Arts and Sciences

Cara Fulton
Cara Fulton has taught English for Academic Purposes in the Language Center of George Washington University since fall 2012. Previously, she taught the same subject at Howard University for 15 years. She runs her own language institute, Maestro, where she teaches advanced pronunciation and workplace communication to native and non-native English speaking professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She also has over 15 years experience teaching English online to university students and professionals in Africa.

James L. (Jim) Bullock
Following retirement from the State Department’s Foreign Service and a brief stint as a university administrator overseas, I returned to Washington in late 2010.  The following year I took over teaching a graduate seminar in “Media and Foreign Policy” as an adjunct at the CCAS School of Media and Public Affairs.  I have worked hard ever since to make my classes memorable and useful for my students, and I have given freely of my time to help them with their projects and job applications.  Adjuncts within SMPA, often former journalists and retired diplomats, make up a large percentage of the teaching staff within our department.  We bring valuable real-world experience and expertise to the classrooms.  Many, like me, regularly participate in university and department events, including in support of SMPA’s working relationship with the Public Diplomacy Council, a professional association to which I belong. I have also volunteered my time to serve our union and its diverse membership because I believe deeply in the principles of organized labor and collective bargaining.  I am now presenting myself as a candidate to be an official union representative because I want to defend those beliefs with actions.  I offer both energy and relevant organizational experience, and I hope to help our union to expand both its numbers and its ability to defend the interests of adjunct faculty at GWU and at other universities.  Many adjuncts do not enjoy pension and health benefits from other employers or receive the financial and professional recognition that their many contributions to their departments and their students should provide.

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