Media Matters Organizing Committee Statement on Upcoming Union Election

The employees of Media Matters will soon be holding an election to vote to formally recognize SEIU as our union. We have worked very hard towards this goal and look forward to sitting down with management to negotiate our first union contract.

Management at Media Matters have promised to abide by their pro-union principles and have indicated they will be taking a position of absolute neutrality with respect to our decision to hold a union election. By committing to neutrality, management has strengthened the work of this organization.

Media Matters has always advocated for the power of the labor movement, and emphasized the critical role that unions play in building a strong middle class and supporting workplace democracy. The Organizing Committee and our supporters have always seen forming a union as a reflection of those principles. Throughout this process we have remained committed to the mission of Media Matters, and in forming a union, we are affirming our commitment to the goals of social and economic justice.


Media Matters Organizing Committee

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