American University Exemptions

  1. I was employed by AU before June 1, 2013.
  2. Are members of federal, state, or district of Columbia judicial, legislative, or executive branches of government;
  3. Hold diplomatic or ambassador status;
  4. Are full or part-time employees of the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank Group;
  5. Are not paid directly by the University and whose services are instead procured through a contractual arrangement between the University and the employee’s primary employer;
  6. Are retired full-time University faculty who have emeritus status;
  7. Are appointed to teach a compressed course (i.e., six weeks or fewer in duration); or
  8. Affirm that, due to the nature of their employment outside of American University, they are prevented from paying dues or an agency fee to a labor organization because so doing would inhibit the ability of the employee to perform services for his or her non-University employer.  Employees exempted under this Section 9.6(D)(7) shall be required to make contributions in an amount equal to the agency fee to a charitable organization(s) of the employee’s choice, in lieu of paying the agency fee to the Union.
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