Georgetown University Exemption Categories


In order to retain their appointments, all faculty covered by this agreement must either become a member of SEIU Local 500 or pay the agency fee, unless they fall into one of these exceptions:

1. Members of federal, state, or District of Columbia judiciaries.

2. Adjunct faculty members who hold diplomatic or ambassador status.

3. Adjunct faculty members who are full or part-time employees of the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank Group.

4. Presidential appointees or non-career Senior Executive Service officials of the U.S. government, or foreign government officials.

5. Adjunct faculty members who are not paid directly by the University and whose services are instead procured through a contractual arrangement between the University and the faculty member’s primary employer.

6. Retired full-time Georgetown University faculty who have emeritus status.

7. Adjunct faculty members who are appointed to teach a compressed course (i.e., one or two monthly pay periods).

8. Adjunct faculty members who affirm, through a written statement, that payment of an agency fee to the Union will have a material adverse impact on their professional work or employment outside the University because of an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest. However, such adjunct faculty members shall be required to make contributions in an amount equal to the agency fee to a charitable organization(s) agreed to by the University and the Union in lieu of paying the agency fee to the union.

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