Governor Hogan’s Budget Could Mean Cuts to MCPS, Higher Tuition at Maryland Community Colleges

Governor Hogan’s intentions are spot on in his budget proposal – which includes record funding for education and more money for childcare and for the care of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Unfortunately, he gets a lot wrong in some of the specifics.

In particular, he proposed millions of dollars in cuts for some of Maryland’s largest and most successful school districts – including MCPS!

Click if you want to participate in Lobby Night on March 16 and other actions to protect Education!


He proposed across the board cuts for state agencies, which will make it harder for our union brothers and sisters in AFSCME to provide vital services that millions of Marylanders depend on.

While the Governor has proposed an as yet unknown increase in funding for higher education, he also said that tuition increases might be necessary. You said that making community college tuition for students needed to be a priority, so it’s disappointing to hear that Governor Hogan is considering options that could actually make community college more expensive.

He also still plans to propose tax cuts in the coming weeks. With April coming up, we are reminded that none of us like to pay taxes. But paying for tax cuts – especially tax cuts that benefit the wealthy and big corporations – with money for MCPS students is dead wrong.

I think there are many areas where we can work with Governor Hogan, but what his budget proposal tells me is that this year’s Education Lobby Night is going to be more important than ever.

It is a good thing that he is in favor of more money for education, but some of his specific proposals will be very bad for our schools – and the consequences for the children will be ugly.

That is why we are already planning for our biggest Lobby Night ever for March 16.

Please sign up for Education Lobby Night. It’s an opportunity for you to meet with legislators and share the story of your contribution to providing a world class education and how these cuts will hurt Montgomery County children and students.

Legislators need to hear from you that cutting money from our schools and from other school systems, like Prince George’s County Public Schools, is the wrong way to balance a budget and to pay for tax cuts.

Click if you want to participate in Lobby Night on March 16 and other actions to protect Education!

When we talk about a political program that focuses on issues, not candidates – this is where the rubber meets the road.

Politicians need to hear from you – and your students need you to tell them to be leaders in fighting for our schools. Legislators need to step up and they need to know that you are watching and you will be holding them accountable.

Merle Cuttitta
President, SEIU Local 500

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