Helpful Tips for Applying to Sick Leave Bank

How to apply for a SLB Grant:

1. Contact the union office at (301) 740-7100 to request all Sick Leave Bank forms.

2. Complete the MCPS forms (links below) and submit to ERSC (45 West Gude Dr., Suite 1200, Rockville, MD)
a.  Leave Request – Form 430-1
b. Certification of Physician or Healthcare Provider = Form 440-35

3. The Committee meets every two weeks. Click here for the deadlines for all forms to be submitted.

4. Complete Return to Work Evaluation – Form 440-40  and submit one week prior to returning to work.

It is the applicant’s responsibility for submitting all forms to the appropriate offices!

If you are looking for more information about Disability Retirement or Worker’s Compensation Benefits, please contact Employee Retiree Service Center at (301) 517-8100.


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