What Have Maryland Family Childcare Providers Won at the Bargaining Table?

Family Child Care providers negotiated their first contract in 2009.

Highlights in 2009 Contract:

1. The state will use funds from the federal government’s stimulus package to increase Child Care Subsidy rates in all jurisdictions for an average 2.9% increase.
Timely and Accurate Payments

1. The state will issue payments on time, accurately and through direct deposit.

2. Emergency advances will be available in cases of demonstrated hardship.

3. The state will keep providers informed of parental eligibility, and providers will not have to pay for mistakes made by the state.
Termination Notifications:

1. Providers will be given five working-days notice if a child is removed from care.

Highlights in 2011 Contract:

1. Protected rate increases despite the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

2. Making certain all Providers Receive the Money They Earned from Parents. Parents who owe providers co-pays will be unable to renew their vouchers until they pay providers in full.

3. Ensuring all Providers are treated with respect by Licensing Specialists. The union will work with MSDE to create a dialogue between providers and specialists to increase the cooperation and respect between providers and specialists. The union can assist any provider who wishes to clarify or challenge their licensing report.

Highlights in 2013 Contract:


The CCS Rates for providers shall be increased by two and one half per cent (2.5%), effective January 1, 2015.

Providers will receive the bonus in one payment upon verified completion of the required credentialing levels.


The State will maintain amounts of the achievement bonuses at their current level.  Providers who apply for an achievement bonus will receive notice of their approval or a need to submit more documentation 60 days from receipt of an application. As an automatic extension, providers will have up to 30 days after the expiration date to submit (1) proof of employment in child care; (2) the appropriate number of continued training clock hours, and (3) professional activities to MSDE for the annual renewal without penalty.  If MSDE cannot send its request for re-submission, due to missing documentation, to the applicant within 15 days of the extended expiration date, it shall grant another extension of 15 days beyond the notification date to allow the applicant to submit the documentation within a reasonable timeframe.


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