Why Join Your Maryland Family Childcare Providers Union?

Power to Clean Up the  System.

One of the most important parts of our union contract is a set amount of time that MSDE has to make POC payments to providers. We now hold the State accountable about late payments. Having trouble getting the pay that you earned from the state? Call us! The Union can help!


Power to Elect Politicians that Support Us and our Kids.

SEIU works to ensure that the Child Care subsidy program in Maryland is fully funded and that our politicians add much needed money to the programs that support providers.


Power to Have our Voices Heard.

Because of our union contract, providers have a seat at the table to give input to the state about training requirements and other rule changes that impact providers on a day to day basis. When you get involved and join the union, we can help your voice be heard!


Power to use our numbers to get benefits for ourselves and our families. 

SEIU members have access to help with mortgage problems and access to discounts for trips, computers and other essential items. SEIU is also working with the state of Maryland to find a low-cost health care plan for providers.  SEIU is also working to develop lower cost trainings for our members to help you keep your skills up-to-date.

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