March Madness – A Tournament Bracket for a Just Society

It’s March Madness time! I have already finished my NCAA tournament bracket, even though I never do well (I can’t bear to support Duke, but whenever I bite my tongue and pick them to win it all, they wind up losing).
To mix things up, this year, I decided to make a ‘just society bracket’ and fill it with the things I believe would make for a truly just society. I asked myself what are the changes we need to see in our communities – things like affordable college education, wages that allow people to provide for their loved ones and a secure retirement for working families.
These things all seem like no-brainers to me (even more than picking Kansas to make it to the Sweet Sixteen). But if these things are so obviously important to a just society, as I believe they are, why don’t we have affordable higher education and why aren’t people making enough to provide for their families? 
In my ‘just society bracket,’ what teams are they playing against?
They are being overwhelmed because they’re playing against teams of wealthy special interests who don’t want to pay their fair share and who benefit when our economy is out of balance.
So how can we tip the balance in favor of policies that are good for our families and the country?
You’ve probably already guessed the answer: building a stronger union movement.
Because, as union members, you have the power to improve conditions for your family and create an environment that allows more people to thrive and succeed.
By ourselves, we can’t shout loud enough to be heard over the sound of hired lobbyists in Washington, Annapolis, Richmond, and Rockville. But when you choose to demand change, you’re not doing it alone, because you are part of a union. You can make a difference. And with every new member who joins, with every new group of workers who vote to join SEIU Local 500, your voice gets more powerful.
I’d like you to pick ‘teams’ for your own bracket. Afterwards, I want you to ask yourself, “What am I willing to do to help my teams succeed?”
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