SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry Meets with Oxfam to Talk Climate Change

Hi friends,

I had the privilege of having breakfast with Mary Kay Henry, President, SEIU, this morning and she was the keynote speaker at the USCAN conference (that is the US Climate Action Network which is the biggest network of organizations working on climate in the US, which Oxfam is deeply invested in). She is a vibrant and dedicated leader in the progressive movement and SEIU just passed an unprecedented environmental and climate justice policy that they are acting on. SEIU is committed to working on just transition from a fossil to a clean energy economy. You should be so proud to be part of this union. Here are a few things she spoke about today:

  • Unite our movements into a powerful force for change.
  • Break down silos between labor movement in US and climate justice movement in the US.
  • Special interests using legacy of racism in this country to divide us.
  • We need to join together as movements as a force for change.
  • Link arms across the justice movement to create unstoppable force for change. Have each other’s backs in supporting demands that are achievable.
  • We are reaching out to entire labor movement to link fights across movements

We can. We must. We will.




Heather Coleman
Manager, Climate Change
Oxfam America

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