Information about the tax deductibility of dues

Dear MCPS Support Staff,

The Union has received a number of calls looking for information about the deductibility of members’ dues payments. We cannot offer tax advice , which members should obtain from their own tax advisors. However, we can provide the following information, which we hope you find useful:

Those who itemize deductions on the federal income tax return may be able to deduct union dues as a business expense. See For the amount you actually paid, we recommend that you check your paystub for the last pay period of 2016. There might be some variations in amounts paid by employees who were out on leave or had other deduction variables.

In addition, MCPS Paraeducators who spent up to $250.00 in unreimbursed expenditures for classroom supplies may be eligible to deduct those costs. See for further information, or consult your tax advisor.

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