AU Grad Students Win Their Union in a Landslide!

grad student victory

At the National Labor Relations Board vote count on April 10, the results were a landslide in favor a Graduate Student Worker Union at American University – the first grad student worker union in the District of Columbia. The final vote almost 6 to 1 in favor of the union!

Today’s victory came after a long process of listening to the stories and concerns of graduate student workers at American University,” said Scott Patrick, a first-year doctoral student in Government and Comparative Politics. “Forming a union was never about quick fixes to issues, but about creating a space for developing long term solutions to issues like economic and academic uncertainty. As we now think about sitting down with the administration and working on a first contract, I truly believe that this will be a collaborative process, focused on strengthening the academic mission of American University. Now we can begin the work of negotiating with the administration to build an even stronger institution and support our work of academic research and instruction.”

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