SEIU Local 500 Condemns Deportation of Quince Orchard High School Graduate

SEIU Local 500 condemns the deportation of recent Quince Orchard High School graduate Lizandro Claros Saravia and his older brother, Diego Claros Saravia.

Merle Cuttitta, President of SEIU Local 500, issued the following statement:

This case got a lot of attention because Lizandro was a star soccer player on a local youth team and had earned a college scholarship through his hard work and talents.

These two young men, who were brought to America as minors, should be seen as role models, not treated as criminals. They graduated high school, and Lizandro was preparing to attend college on a scholarship, while Diego has been working hard at a car repair shop and contributing to our community.

Our members work at Quince Orchard High School, and we see thousands of wonderful, hard-working students like the Claros brothers every year. They checked in with immigration regularly and were everything that we could want from Dreamers.

How can students learn and excel if they are living under this kind of threat? No matter how well they do and what they accomplish, they see that it can all be taken away in a flash.

I am heartbroken by their story, but I am also furious at seeing another example of our broken immigration system. We need immigration reform that respects the contributions of young people like Lizandro and Diego.

The new, piecemeal legislation introduced in Congress – introduced with the support of President Trump, does nothing to solve the problem, but only exacerbates the situation. What I want to know is, where is Congress, where is our President and where is Governor Hogan on the issue of real, just and compassionate immigration reform?

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