How Can We Help Our SEIU Brothers and Sisters in Texas?

Our SEIU sisters and brothers in Texas are among the millions of people impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

It’s times like this when being part of a strong union matters. SEIU Local 500 is a diverse union, representing people in many industries, but we have always been united by our commitment to each other.

I am proud that we have always been willing to work across industries, across geographies and across party lines to help each other.

Today, I am asking you to look for ways to help SEIU members over a thousand miles away, but who desperately need our support.

You can contribute to SEU’s Disaster Relief Fund – which will focus on providing relief to our members and to working people who may be afraid to seek help from institutions like the government or the Red Cross in light of the current anti-immigrant agenda being driven in Washington, DC and elsewhere.

Some of you, especially those who have family in the affected region, might be interested in volunteering on the ground. You can contact to coordinate with the work being done by other members in Texas.

Finally, you can provide moral support by letting our brothers and sisters in Texas know that you are thinking about and supporting them. Post notes of support and encouragement on the Facebook walls of SEIU Texas at and the Workers United Southwest Regional Joint Board at

Let’s show our SEIU family in Texas the power of being united in our great union!

Thank you for all that you do.


Merle Cuttitta
President, SEIU Local 500

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