Fordham University, in Accordance with its Jesuit Values, Has Worked Cooperatively with Its Adjuncts to Allow a Free and Fair Union Election

Great news! Contingent faculty at Fordham University like myself have the chance to join you in SEIU as we start voting in our union election!  

I’m proud to say that our administration, in line with its Jesuit values and social justice mission, has worked cooperatively with us to allow a free and fair election.

Our colleagues at more than a dozen Jesuit and Catholic colleges and universities have already formed unions through SEIU. We look forward to the chance to join them and more than 2 million other SEIU members.

To those of you who are still fighting for justice on your campuses, we hope that our experience will serve as inspiration for what is possible. By uniting in solidarity on campus, we were able to ensure that our voice would be heard by the administration.

We know that only by standing together can we continue to make gains for contingent faculty, and in turn the students and communities we serve.

We’re proud to be in this fight for justice with you.


In Solidarity,

Alessandro King
Fordham University
Adjunct Professor
English Department

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