SEIU Local 500 Announces New Endorsements for Montgomery County School Board and the Montgomery County Council

Board of Education:

Judy Docca – District 1 – Incumbent
Dr. Docca was elected to her third four-year term on November 4, 2014. She currently serves as a member of the Board’s Policy Management Committee and the Committee on Special Populations.  She has always been an ally of support staff and will continue to fight for our students and schools in her 4th term.

Pat O’Neill – District 3 – Incumbent
Mrs. O’Neill was first elected to the Board of Education in 1998 and was elected to her fifth four-year term on November 4, 2014. She has served as the Board’s president five times and currently serves as the chairperson of the Board’s Policy Management Committee and as a member of the Fiscal Management Committee.  Pat has always been responsive to the needs of union support staff and she will serve MCPS and the community well in her sixth term on the BOE.

Brenda Wolff – District 5 – Running for open seat
Brenda is a past member of AFGE Local 2607 and understands how important collective bargaining agreements are and is a strong opponent to contracting out public services.
“I am running for the Board of Education because I want to transfer my passion, experience and leadership skills to help build a successful future for all of our children. Our schools are considered some of the best in the country, however, the school experience has not been the same for every student. Our achievement gap is widening and opportunities have not always been made available on an equitable basis. I am a strong community advocate and a dedicated volunteer with several education programs in the county. Let me put my experience and skills to work on the Montgomery County Board of Education.”


Montgomery County Council:

Tom Hucker – District 5 – Incumbent
Tom is seeking his second term on the County Council.  He has been a fighter for progressive causes like child care subsidy funding, student debt reform, and the fight for $15.  Tom will continue to fight for us on the Council during his second term.

Nancy Navarro – District 4 – Incumbent
Nancy Navarro was elected to represent District 4 on the Montgomery County Council in a special election on May 19, 2009 and re-elected in 2010 and 2014. She chairs the Government Operations and Fiscal Policy (GO) Committee and serves on the Education Committee. She was elected by her colleagues to serve as Council Vice President in 2012 and Council President in 2013.  Nancy has fought for working families on the council by advocating the K12 and Child Care funding and we believe will continue to be a strong advocate serving another term.

Hans Riemer – At-Large – Incumbent
Hans Riemer, first elected to the County Council in 2010, represents one million Montgomery County residents as an At-Large Member.  Hans has dedicated his public service career to creating opportunity for all people to achieve their potential. As a Councilmember, Hans fought for the passage of the $15 minimum wage.

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