SEIU Local 500 Supports Marc Elrich for Montgomery County Executive

In the spring of 2016, the Montgomery County Council voted 6-1 to strip money from the MCPS budget to pay for your wage increases.

The only member of the Council to stand with MCPS employees?

Marc Elrich.

The only member of the Council to vote to protect your raises?

Marc Elrich.

Now, Marc is the SEIU Local 500 endorsed candidate for Montgomery County Executive.

He is a proven voice for economic and education justice – and he has proven that he will stand with you, your contract and for good union jobs.

In the June 26th Primary for Montgomery County Executive, SEIU Local 500 stands with Marc Elrich, because he stands with you.

Information on how to register to vote, apply for an absentee ballot, early voting and polling locations in Montgomery County

Marc Elrich


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2018 Primary Election Endorsements


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Montgomery County Elections

Montgomery County Council Executive

Marc Elrich

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Montgomery County Board of Education

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BOE District 3

Patricia O’Neill


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Brenda Wolff


Legislative District 14


Anne Kaiser

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Legislative District 15


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Legislative District 18

State Senate:

Dana Beyer


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Legislative District 19


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Marice Morales

Marlin Jenkins

Legislative District 20


David Moon

Jheanelle Wilkins

Darian Unger

Legislative District 39


Gabriel Acevero

Shane Robinson

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