• 3 year agreement;


  • New language that continues GFC if a course change occurs provided the new course is substantially similar to the previous course;


  • New language that allows faculty with GFC to decline a re-appointment for up to a year upon written request with explanation to department / program chair; requests will not be unreasonably denied;


  • A commitment to pilot one-year appointments (conditions apply);


  • Step movement continues at a lower threshold with a new “top step” added each year of the agreement (3 new steps).


  • Increases: Same operation as prior contract – essentially a “me too” plus an “accelerator” to move toward parity/equity with full-time faculty teaching rates,
    • 18-19: Full-time faculty COLA + 1% (the COLA for the 18-19 AY is 2.1% for a total increase of 3.1%, + a step for those eligible);
    • 19-20: Full-time faculty COLA + 2%, + step for those eligible
    • 20-21: Full-time faculty COLA + 2%, + step for those eligible


Steps are 2-3%


  • Professional Development will go up from 6,667 per AY to 12,500 per AY, and the individual reimbursable amount will go up from $600 to $750;


  • Academic workshop will go up from a fixed $2,250 to $2,392 (roughly a 6% increase);


  • Miscellaneous Compensation: Course cancellations go up from $300 to $500 (also add language for a course cancellation fee for “Open Studies” courses if cancelled within 7 calendar days). Committee service will go up from $250 to $350 per term.
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