Making Life Work for Working Families


Stronger together.

We’re teachers, paraprofessionals, part-time faculty and workers. We’re moms, dads, parents and friends. We are the members of SEIU Local 500. And when we work together, nothing can stop us.


Improving working conditions. Improving lives.

SEIU Local 500 members work at colleges, universities, public schools, and nonprofits across Maryland and Washington, D.C. We’re 20,000 strong and growing.

We’re on the ground organizing new work sites, helping employees to come together and bargain collectively with their employer. If history has shown us anything, it’s that the pay, benefits, and working conditions of employees only get better when they can come together in union and advocate for themselves with one united voice.

When members need us, we’re there too. We help solve disputes and negotiate with employers when our members call on us.


Fighting for change.

Local 500 is a voice for change in the District of Columbia and across Maryland. For nearly 50 years, we’ve been hard at work organizing public sector workers, from public school support staff in the 1960’s to adjunct faculty today. At every step, we’ve stood for respect, dignity, job security, fair pay and benefits.

From the workplace to the corridors of Annapolis, we’re still leading the fight, making sure employees gain the right to bargain collectively, advocating for better working conditions, and championing 21st century benefits for a 21st century workforce.