National Children’s Center


The good people of NCC serve hundreds of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and SEIU Local 500 is proud to call NCC employees members. Below you can view your contract and its highlights and learn how your dues are calculated.


View your contract

Click here to download a PDF copy of part 1 of your current contract. Click here to download part 2. You may also view the contract highlights as well as the Changes to Negotiated Agreements.

Tentative Economic Agreement for FY 2019-2022

Here you may view the tentative economic agreement for fiscal years 2019 through 2022.

How dues are calculated and your rights and responsibilities

You may also download this important document (Beck notice) explaining how your dues and fees are calculated as well as your rights and responsibilities.

+ View Your Contract Highlights

NCC and the Union have been in negotiations for a new contract since 2017. We are happy to report we have reached an agreement. The process has been difficult to get through as we learned everything we could about the finances of NCC. To move the process along the Union requested the assistance of a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services. On December 17, 2018, we had a negotiating session that resulted in a settlement, with the Federal Mediator present.


* Protecting You at Work

NCC wanted the ability to lay off employees based on performance. There is new language that will protect employees in this situation using performance evaluations, placing responsibility on NCC to give employees a sixty (60) day notice if they are underperforming, along with an improvement plan and scheduled feedback. If the Employer fails to follow this procedure, their ability to lay‐off an employee is restricted.

* Wage Increases

Year 1 beginning 7 days after ratification of agreement – 1%

Year 2 – 1.5%

Year 3 – 2.0%

Wage increases apply to employees who are not paid under the provisions of the Living Wage Act. In addition to all of our work over the last couple years at the bargaining table, SEIU Local 500 has worked for years in elections and lobbying the DC government for improvement on your wages. We have fought, with our allies, to increase both the minimum wage in DC for all workers and especially to increase the Living Wage that goes to any employee working for an agency that receives DC funding, like NCC. Because of our advocacy with the DC Council, workers at NCC will receive a raise to a base wage of $14.50 in January of 2019. This is in addition to the raises that we negotiate at the bargaining table.

* Getting Paid for Unused Vacation Leave

New Language reads as follows: Employees who have accumulated vacation in excess of one hundred twenty (120) hours and have not used the accumulated vacation hours above one hundred twenty (120) within twelve (12) months from the effective date of this Agreement, shall be paid for unused vacation hours in excess of one hundred twenty (120) at the rate of sixty (60) percent of the total. If such an employee has had two good faith reasonable requests to use vacation leave within this twelve (12) month period denied for reasons other than staffing levels (e.g., prior approval of leave requests for other employees), unused vacation hours above one hundred twenty (120) will be paid at one hundred (100) percent. Approval of vacation leave requests to use vacation hours in excess of one hundred (120) during this twelve (12) month period shall not be unreasonably denied.

For employees who have in excess of 120 hours of leave, they will be able to “cash in” their leave in 12 months.

Examples – An employee who has 180 hours of leave and whose rate of pay is $14.50, will be paid as follows:

You will retain 120 hours, cashing in 60 hours.
60 hours x $14.50 = $870.00 – 60% of $870 = $522 – payment to employee

An employee who has 200 hour of leave and whose rate of pay is $14.50 will be paid as follows:

You will retain 120 hours, cashing in 80 hours. 80 hours X $14.50 = $1160 – 60% of 1160 = $696.00 – payment to employee

After two years of negotiations, we fought hard for the changes above, while protecting our members. There were many proposals brought to the table by NCC that we said NO to in an effort to preserve the benefits in the collective bargaining agreement.