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The good people of Oxfam America work every day to combat poverty worldwide and SEIU Local 500 is proud to call Oxfam America employees members. Below you can download an application to join, view your contract and its highlights and learn how your dues are calculated.


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How dues are calculated and your rights and responsibilities

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+ View Your Contract Highlights

  1. A completely new system of salary bands, C-G, with some titles given a progression path into the next highest band (e.g., from Coordinator to Senior Coordinator and Advisor to Senior Advisor).
  2. All bands increase by 2% annually.
  3. The contract term is four years, with annual salary increases of 3% the first three years and 3.5% the final year
  4. Employees significantly below the mid-point of their salary bands will be eligible for a one-time salary adjustment.
  5. Employees’ share of health and dental premiums are fixed at 10% (for Bands C&D) and 15% (for E-H).
  6. Due to restrictions from our insurance provider, Employer will no longer be able to contribute to certain high amount co-pays ($250 or more). In an effort to counter this change, premiums for Band C & D have been reduced from 11% to 10%.
  7. Office Administrator/Receptionist added to bargaining unit.
  8. Most distinctions between “regular” and “grant-specific” employees eliminated.
  9. Up to five “special project employees can be hired for a limited term of more than six months but less than a year.
    • After five consecutive contracts or four years employment, they become regular employees
    • They are not eligible for recall in the event of a layoff
    • They are only eligible for severance in the event of a layoff if they have worked a full year
  10. In case of a layoff, there are no longer any provisions for bumping, and notice to employees will be eight weeks instead of four.
  11. A new provision on “travel time”: employees may charge up to 10 hours per day while traveling, but if you work while traveling (e.g., on a plane), this still gets charged to regular working hours. “Travel time” counts towards a full-time employee’s minimum 7 hours of work on a regular work day.
  12. Sick leave will be available for an employee’s own medical condition or for an employee’s child, spouse, parent or parent of a spouse; to attend routine medical or dental appointments of the employee’s child, spouse, parent or parent of a spouse; or to address the effects of domestic violence on the employee or the employee’s dependent child.
  13. Language on family and medical leave is changed to be consistent with federal and DC law.
  14. The Child Care provisions now cover “Dependent Care”.
  15. Oxfam will defend an employee who is arrested for activities performed within the scope of his or her employment.
  16. In the case of a pandemic or long-term emergency event, Oxfam may enact the Oxfam Pandemic Preparedness Plan or an appropriate business plan. These plans will not supersede the rights and protections provided by this agreement.