SEIU Local 500 Policy on Cancellation of Membership, Refunds, and Rebates

Dues or Agency Fee Payment Refunds: It is the Member’s or Fee Payer’s responsibility to notify the Union if they believe their deduction is erroneous, or if they are no longer represented by the Union. Individuals may request a refund of dues or agency fee payments by submitting a written request to: SEIU Local 500, Executive Director. The employer will be notified to cancel deductions upon receipt of the written request and verification that the claim is correct. The Union will not refund any dues payments beyond (6) months from the date of the request. The full amount of incorrectly collected agency fees will be refunded.  Prior to implementation of the six month limit on dues refunds, members will be informed of this policy in writing.

Cancellation of Membership: Members may request to cancel their membership by submitting a written request to: SEIU Local 500, Executive Director. Bargaining Unit employees, who are covered by a contract that contains a Union Security clause as a condition of employment or continued employment, will still be required to pay the current Agency Fee rate, consistent with the applicable contract and law.

Political Contributions: Many members have authorized voluntary contributions to the Committee on Political Engagement. Such contributions may be cancelled at any time by submitting a written statement to the SEIU Local 500, Executive Director. Given the voluntary nature of these contributions and the ability to cancel at any time, the Union will not provide any refund of such deductions prior to the date of the request.

Procedures for Multiple Unit Membership Dues and Agency Fee Rebates:

Requirements for members and fee payers:

–       Must pay membership dues or agency fees in all covered units

–       Employees have 30 days to apply for the rebate at the completion of the semester (Higher Ed), school year (MCPS), or calendar year (DD units)

–       Employee must apply for the rebate and indicate all places of covered employment

–       Employee must work at multiple covered employers during the same time period for which the employee is requesting a rebate

–       Non-member fee payers are similarly eligible for rebates for multiple covered bargaining units

–       Allow 2-4 weeks for rebate to be processed

–       The Local will retain the highest amount in dues or fee paid for one unit

(Note: If you elected to be an agency fee payer at any of the bargaining units represented by SEIU Local 500, you are not eligible to vote on ratifying your contract, you will not be able to serve on committees, you will not receive member-only communications and will not be able to attend member-only meetings.)