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Montgomery College adjuncts are represented in their workplace by SEIU Local 500. Scroll down to download your contract, the highlights of your contract, the bylaws of your bargaining unit executive committee, or an application for professional development assistance. You can also sign up to become a member!


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Click here to download a PDF copy of your union contract.

Download an application for professional development assistance

Here you’ll find a downloadable PDF application for for professional development assistance through the Part-Time Faculty Professional Development Assistance Program.

Review the Montgomery College Part Time Faculty Bargaining Unit Executive Committee Bylaws

The complete bargaining unit executive committee bylaws are available for download here in PDF format.


+ See your union contract highlights

FY 2017-2020 Montgomery College Contract Highlights

4.5% pay increase for each of the next 3 academic years, starting fall 2017. Pay rates shall be:

AY 2017-18 AY 2018-19 AY 2019-20
Lecturer $1105 $1155 $1205
Adjunct I $1195 $1250 $1305
Adunct II $1275$1335 $1395
  • Part-Time Faculty who have been at Adjunct II level for 3 academic years (whether for one or both semesters) and have completed nine (9) hours of professional development training while at the Adjunct II level will receive an additional one percent (1%) in pay rate beginning in the fourth (4th) Academic Year of service at the Adjunct II level.

  • A minimum payment of $70 for Part-Time Faculty to attend certain professional development events sponsored by the College.

  • An increase in the professional development funds available to Part-Time Faculty from $600 to $900 per person per fiscal year. The funds are to cover the payment of reasonable costs associated with pre-approved professional development activities relevant to the faculty member’s discipline or teaching responsibilities.

  • Stipends will be available to Part-Time Faculty that serve in leadership positions within the College’s governance structure (serving on governance committees, etc.).

  • Good Faith Consideration for 1-academic year (AY) appointments:

  • Eligibility reduced from 7 semesters to 6 semesters (within the preceding 5 AY years)

  • Time frame to apply is extended and will now be from January 15 to Feb. 15 each year.

  • Good Faith Consideration for 1-semester assignments:

  • Eligibility reduced from 4 semesters to 3 semesters (within the preceding 3 AY years)

  • Timeframe to apply for the fall semester assignments has been extended and will now be from Jan. 15 to Feb. 15 each year.

  • Timeframe to apply for the spring semester assignments has been extended and will now be from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 each year.

  • The deadline in the spring for requests for Good Faith Consideration for 1-yr appointments and for 1 semester assignments will be the same (Feb. 15).

  • The same on-line form will be used in the spring for both requests for 1-academic year appointments and for requests for fall-semester assignments.

  • Deadlines above will be strict: 11:59 pm on February 15 and 11:59 pm on October 15.

  • Part-time faculty who lose a course in a semester resulting in a lower ESH load will be provided the opportunity to retain Good Faith Consideration for the amount of ESH lost for 2 subsequent semesters.

  • A designation for temporary regular part-time positions is created. The College may designate regular part-time employees to work for one academic year, with the possibility of an extension for a second year. Existing part-time faculty who take a regular part-time position may continue to exercise her/ or his good faith consideration for ESH as a part-time faculty member at the conclusion of a regular part-time designation.

  • Part-time faculty may now sign up for union membership electronically using this link –

  • Other improvements include: access to a lounge area and space where meetings with students can occur; commitment from the College to engagement of part-time faculty in the college community; a schedule of pay dates will be made available to part-time faculty each semester; improved information on the bargaining unit provided by the college to the union; and other small technical changes.