MCPS Members – Sign Up for the March 4th Student Debt Workshop!


We have added one more Student Debt Workshop for MCPS Supporting Services professionals, taking place on Monday, March 4th.

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Supporting services employees who incurred personal student loan debt prior to their employment with MCPS may be eligible for assistance to help them pay off their student loans sooner. The Board of
Education and SEIU Local 500 established MCPS’s Student Debt Fund for SEIU Local 500 unit members as part of the fiscal year 2018-2020 negotiated agreement.

One of the requirements for the Student Debt Relief Fund is attending a Student Debt Workshop. There will be multiple workshops in 2019. If you attended a Student Debt Workshop in 2017 or 2018, you do not need to attend the workshop again to be eligible for the fund.

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Christian Hanley